The CSA Shoppers program is a way to give our customers the opportunity to shop at any of our produce stands when they want.  The traditional Farmer's Choice CSA doesn't fit into everyone's busy schedules. So with this option you can still support our farm while also having the freedom to shop and choose your produce according to your schedule.

Our 2019 CSA Shoppers program allows you  buy in at $100, $200, and $300, paid in full early in the year. Then when the farm stand opens and the markets start, members have that amount of credit at our stands. Our farm stand opens in early May and the first Missoula Farmer's Market begins May 4th.

If you join by March 31th you receive an additional 5%. So, if you chose the $300 option and you join by March 31th you would receive $315 worth of produce for your share.

What produce will be available?

Below is the produce you'll be able to choose from during the harvest season. With each passing week, the number of crops increases, as does the quantity and variety available.

*Crop availability will change depending on seasonal conditions and farmer discretion.
*Shares are non-refundable, once paid.