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General agreement - By signing up, I/we am/are providing Frank’s Little Farm with the funds needed to begin farming for the current growing season. I/we agree to share in the risks and rewards of agriculture with the farmers. I/we understand that although the farmers will aim to supply me/us with an ample quantity of many different vegetables and fruits on a weekly basis, there is no guarantee that any specific fruit or vegetable, or any specific quantity, will be distributed in the CSA Share.

Hazards on the farm – Farming is an inherently dangerous occupation. I/we understand that while the farmers will make the farm as safe as possible for visitors, guests, invitees and members, there will still be hazards which may include (but are not limited to) such things as uneven ground, sharp objects, farm equipment (especially when in operation), dogs, and/or other animals. I/we agree not to hold the farmland owners, the farmers, or Frank’s Little Farm liable for any injury, which might occur, at the farm and I/we agree to assume any and all risks which are associated with farming when visiting Frank's Little Farm. 

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Once paid in full, shares are non-refundable.